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The SERVICE is AVAILABLE but the webpage is undergoing redevolopment

Collectable Data

  • High Res. Photography

  • Panoramic imaging

  • IR | Thermal Imaging

  • Night Imaging

  • 4k | 1080P Video

  • Closeups up to x200 times

  • GPS coordinates

Technology behind RAS

  • Flying from a long or close distance

  • IP45 rating equipment

  • Operational in any* weather

  • Real-time** data feedback

  • No hassle and no risk involved

  • Reliable Industrial equpement

Added Value

  • Cost-efficient and Reliable

  • Experienced operators

  • 24/7 Costume service

  • Quick delivery

  • Sharable & Transferable Data

  • TC Certified Pilots

  • Maintenance Experience

  • Real Aircraft operation experience



  • Replace the expertise of an experienced and qualified NBIS inspector

  • Replace tactile inspection

  • Operate outside of regulations

In short

Rave Aerial Services (RAS) Is an industrial TC-certified RPAS service provider and operator.

We provide aerial services like Bridge Inspections, Infrared and Thermal Imaging, Power lines visual inspection, Construction site and Areas mapping and Orthomosaic, Substation & Cellular towers visual management, Agricultural visual support, and thermal analysis of assets across multiple industries providing immediately actionable and reliable data. 

Our goal is to safely deliver the most detailed and accurate visual information in the most efficient way. 

We are always open to discussing and elaborating on your particular need.

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