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 Solar Energy | PV modules

RAS offers RPAS Solar Panels Inspections to identify dead or damaged elements and helps avoid premature failure as well as assisting and guiding in proactive measures like replacements, repairs, or efficiency evaluation.

We use the latest tech in Thermal Imaging and high-definition photography to deliver the best actionable data.
RAS Solar Panels
 Inspection service is a Modern safe, cost-effective, and efficient alternative.

Immediate Benefits

  • Getting access to any locations and measuring at any angle

  • Minimal to no preparation to start getting the data of an asset

  • The entire operation can be guided or directed by your team | crew from the ground

  • The asset remains fully functional and operatable before after and during the inspection

Collectable Data

  • High Res. Photography

  • Panoramic imaging

  • IR | Thermal Imaging

  • Night Imaging

  • 4k | 1080P Video

  • Closeups up to x200 times

  • GPS coordinates

Technology behind RAS

  • Flying from a long or close distance

  • IP45 rating equipment

  • Operational in any* weather

  • Real-time** data feedback

  • No hassle and no risk involved

  • Reliable Industrial equpement

Added Value

  • Cost-efficient and Reliable

  • Experienced operators

  • 24/7 Costume service

  • Quick delivery

  • Sharable & Transferable Data

  • TC Certified Pilots

  • Maintenance Experience

  • Real Aircraft operation experience


  • Replace the expertise of an experienced inspector

  • Replace tactile inspection

  • Operate outside of regulations

In short

Inspecting Solar Panels and their components can be a time-consuming and potentially dangerous job.

RAS makes these inspection tasks faster, safer, and more cost-efficient

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