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 Power Grid Infrastructure

RAS offers RPAS Power infrastructure components Inspections that reduce costs by up to 70%.

We use the latest tech for Mapping and high definition photography to deliver the best actionable data possible.

RAS Power infrastructure Inspections service is a Modern safe, cost-effective, and efficient alternative.

Immediate Benefits

  • The entire operation can be guided or directed by your team | crew from the ground

  • The asset remains fully functional and operatable before after and during the inspection

  • Getting access to any "Rope Access Only" locations

  • Minimal to no preparation to start getting the data of an asset

Collectable Data

  • High Res. Photography

  • Panoramic imaging

  • IR | Thermal Imaging

  • Night Imaging

  • 4k | 1080P Video

  • Closeups up to x200 times

  • GPS coordinates

Technology behind RAS

  • No need to shutdown the asset

  • Flying from a long distance

  • IP45 rating equipment

  • Operational in any* weather

  • Real-time** data feedback

  • No hassle and no risk involved

  • Reliable Industrial equpement

  • Night inspections if required

Added Value

  • Cost-efficient and Reliable

  • Experienced operators

  • 24/7 Costume service

  • Quick delivery

  • Sharable & Transferable Data

  • TC Certified Pilots

  • Maintenance Experience

  • Real Aircraft operation experience


  • Replace tactile inspection

  • Operate outside of regulations

In short

Inspection of Power infrastructure components can be a time-consuming and potentially dangerous job.

RAS makes these inspection tasks faster, safer, and more cost-efficient

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